A Day of Ministry Ends

As our day of ministry comes to a close here in the Philippines, many friends in the United States are just beginning theirs. Today was another blessed day filled with fellowship, preaching, teaching, and fun. I was grateful for the opportunity to speak at Maranatha Baptist Church once again.

After preaching in the morning service we were off to enjoy a delicious meal and some wonderful fellowship with Pastor Jun and his family along with Pastor Harry and his family. The pictures below say it all! Jonas and Micah loved both the chicken and the fish.

Following our lunch, I had the opportunity to speak to the young people and young professionals' group from Maranatha Baptist and Sunrise Baptist Church. We focused on forgiveness from Matthew 18. It was an engaging study on this topic from the Word of God.

We ended out the day being encouraged by a message from Pastor Harry in the Sunday evening service, which was then followed by more fellowship over pizza. What a wonderful day to serve the Lord and be blessed by God's people. For those just beginning their day on the other side of the world I pray you will find the same joy with your church families as well!

Child-like Faith

Ministering to children is dear to the heart of God. When Jesus’ disciples rebuked parents for bringing their children to Him, the Bible records that Jesus “was much displeased” (Mark 10:14). He then commanded: “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:14). In fact, Jesus would even go so far as to say that unless we all become like little children, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3). And lest there be any confusion regarding the quality little children possess that opens heaven’s gate for us, Jesus tells us plainly what it is in the very next verse: “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:4). Humility is the key ingredient in receiving grace and forgiveness from God. We must recognize our sin (a very humbling act), and turn to Jesus Christ as our only hope.

Because children are so precious to God, they ought to be precious to us. Today I had the privilege of ministering to a wonderful group of children at Maranatha Baptist Christian School.IMG_0023


What added to my joy on this trip was that Kiersten was able to join me. We left the house at 6:00 am, and I really enjoyed her company on the ride. She had a good time seeing the other children as well as getting some one-on-one time with Daddy when we stopped by the store to pick up groceries. She is maturing into such a wonderful young lady.



Chapel, though was only part of our interaction with children throughout the day. Over the past three or four days, our children have been playing with some neighborhood kids as well. They play basketball, soccer, and eventually make their way up to the apartment. We seem to have anywhere between 8-15 additional kids in the house at any given time. There has definitely been a lot of excitement.


Please continue to pray that the Lord will open doors of opportunity for us to minister to these children!



Ask Me the Reason

If you were to ask me the reason our family is following God’s leading to the Philippines, you will find the answer in the pictures within this post. Over the days we have been here, God continues to confirm His direction for our lives by firmly impressing His call upon us to come and help equip and train national pastors here in the Philippines. Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to a great group of pastors.


This is one of many pastors’ fellowships that regularly meets throughout the city of Bacolod. These men are faithful servants of the Lord who are being used in different places of His vineyard. My hope is to come alongside of these men and have a part in better equipping them for the work God has called them to do by offering accessible seminary-level training. I also long to help train young men who are rising up within their congregations who will soon assume the important and weighty role of shepherding God’s flock. In fact, the weighty responsibility of pastoring a church was the focus of  yesterday’s message from Revelation 2.


The picture below reminds us that each of these men have wonderful families and represent great churches. This is a picture of our family with Pastor Kiram and his family. Pastor Kiram and his dear wife have welcomed us so graciously, and it is our prayer that we might also minister to them and be a blessing in return. On Sunday, I had the joy of preaching at Pastor Kiram’s church, Sword Baptist, and meeting his family, along with the congregation he serves.

Pastor Kiram Family

We are rejoicing in the opportunities God has afforded us in this trip to encourage those who are faithfully serving Him!

A Vital Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Lighthouse Baptist Church (Newark, DE) officially voted last night to become our sending church. We are so glad to partner with a ministry that has been such an important part of our lives.

For those unfamiliar with what this means, Lighthouse Baptist Church takes on the following vital roles:

  • Commissioning us for ministry in the Philippines under their authority as a local body of believers (see Acts 13:1-3 to find the pattern for this in Scripture)
  • Providing accountability to our family
  • Offering guidance during the period of raising support and once we reach the field
  • Supporting us in every possible way (spiritually through prayer / physically through financial giving / emotionally through much needed contact and encouragement)

We could not be more excited to partner with Lighthouse for this next chapter in our lives. A special thanks to Pastor Tobe Witmer for his guidance and support during this time. And thank you to the dear folks at LBC who have been like family to us from the moment we arrived 14+ years ago.

Please take a moment to check out the back of our prayer card we are now able to officially release. And be sure to check out our website for updates.

Through a Child’s Eyes

First off, let me say thank you for your prayers for our family as we traveled to the Philippines. It has been a great trip, and in this post, I hope to share a bit of what we have witnessed through the eyes of our children. Before I do, though, let me first say how thankful I am for the four children God has blessed us with. Naturally, as Sarah and I looked ahead to 24+ hours of travel with children ranging in age from 10 down to 3, we were naturally concerned with how everyone would handle it. Twenty-four hours is a long time to travel for an adult, much less a 9 year old, or a 3 year old. Thankfully, the trip went as smooth as possible, and our children were amazingly well-behaved. As I commented to Sarah, we have had trips to Walmart (a 15 minute drive) that had more whining, fighting and frustration than the 24+ hour trip to the Philippines. With that as our backdrop, here are some of the highlights (through our children’s eyes) from the trip thus far.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Pastor Jun and Mrs. Juvi. These wonderful folks have become very dear to the children in such a short period of time. They even went out of their way to make sure the kids got something to eat after arriving at our hotel at 11:00 at night. We stayed in our hotel for the first night to get some rest before heading to Haven of Grace. In the morning, we got our rental car and visited Maranatha Baptist School and got to see the children there enjoying the festivities of a  national holiday. It was there our children were swarmed (in a good way) by dozens of other kids their age. Kiersten and Lydia were immediately welcomed into a group of other young ladies, and within minutes they were braiding Kiersten’s hair. Micah was surrounded by boys who were interested to learn more about him.





After visiting the school we went to what Kiersten described as “The biggest mall she had ever seen.” This was our first trip to get some of the supplies we would need for the weeks we will be here. By the end of our shopping trip, everyone was starting to feel the effects of traveling the day before. We arrived at our home at the Seminary, made a simple dinner of Macaroni and Cheese and Fresh Mangos that Mrs. Juvi gave us, and we were off to bed.

This morning we have had a day filled with playing and exploration. Each of the children have enjoyed fresh coconut milk cut down from the property and playing with neighborhood children. They have enjoyed looking for frogs, and geckos. Adventures abound.




This has been quite an adventure thus far, and we are only a couple of days in. Please continue to pray for the rest of our time here that we will stay healthy, hydrated (Micah wanted me to add that), and that we will be able to minister to the folks here.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

The saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," or as in our case, "A journey of 9,000 miles begins at JFK (New York)." We are thankful for the safety in arriving at this starting point of our journey. We will be posting updates during our trip and hope you will be able to keep up with our adventures. Thank you in advance for your prayers on our behalf.

Update – August 2017

August 18, 2017

Dear Supporters and Friends,

This month marks the first steps in our family’s journey to the Philippines. Over the coming months our schedule is filled with a visit to the Philippines followed by visits to churches as we present our ministry and raise support for the work God has called us to. We are excited to partner with Pacific Rim Missions International (https://www.pacificrimmissions.org/) to launch Haven of Grace Seminary just south of Bacolod on the island of Negros in the Philippines. Our vision is to see a thriving, biblically-sound seminary established at Haven of Grace that will have an impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only in the Philippines, but all throughout Southeast Asia.

This month we have already had the opportunity to present our ministry at Lighthouse Baptist Church (Newark, DE). In just a couple of weeks Lighthouse will vote to officially become our sending church. Of course, this is the ministry I had the privilege of serving at for 7 years as an assistant pastor. It was a joy to reconnect with so many folks at Lighthouse who are so dear to us, as well as to get acquainted with many new friends who have joined in the years since we left. During our time at Lighthouse, I (Tim) had the opportunity to present our ministry to the congregation and preach in the Sunday evening service on August 6. It was an added blessing to connect with three Filipino believers who are a part of the church. On Wednesday we joined in LBC’s mid-week “Refresh” service and it was a joy to worship together among a body of believers that feels like family to us. During this service I shared a challenge from 1 Thessalonians considering how the Gospel “thundered out” from the church at Thessalonica.

For Sunday, August 13 we initially planned to join my parents at their church (Bensalem Baptist Church), but I received a text on Saturday morning from Pastor Witmer (Lighthouse’s pastor) asking if I might fill in for him on Sunday morning since he had come down with the flu. So, it was an unexpected blessing to be with the believers at Lighthouse once more and open the Word of God to them.

As I write this update we are now just 5 days away from the start of our 3-week trip to the Philippines. During this trip our hope is to get the family acclimated to a new culture, unique foods, and a different climate. We would appreciate your prayers for us that we might have a safe trip, stay healthy, and enjoy our time with the believers in the Philippines. I would also appreciate your prayers for me as I will be preaching and teaching throughout our time there as well.

Once we return home from our trip we will be visiting churches to raise monthly support. It is hard to know how long this process will take, but we are praying that the Lord will allow the support to come in quickly so we can make it to the field as soon as possible. But even in this request we say, “May God’s will be done.” If you would like to support us, please stop by our website (valiantes.com) to find out how you can help. Also, if you would like to be added to our email list to receive our monthly updates via email, contact us through our website or send an email to tim.valiante@gmail.com.

Once more, we thank you for the love and support you have offered to our family during this time of transition.

Serving Christ,

The Valiantes

Prayer Requests:
For a safe and fruitful trip to the Philippines
For our house to sell (if that is God’s will)
For our schedule to fill with meetings for the fall
For God to supply our financial needs (for the upcoming trip and monthly support)

For great meetings at Lighthouse Baptist Church


Support and Giving

As our family prepares to head out to the Philippines next Wednesday for a three-week survey trip, I hope you will take time to visit a new page (“Support“) we’ve added to our website. We are stepping out in faith, a bit apprehensive, but very excited to see how the Lord will provide for all of our needs. I do not have all of the answers to the dozens of “how’s” that pop into my mind about how this will all work out financially, but I am confident that God will take care of our family. If you would like to have a part in giving to support the work we have been called to, please check out our new page titled, “Support” (Click Here) to find out how you can partner with us!


Picture Perfect


We are excited to release our “Prayer Card.” First we extend our many thanks to Katie Kollmeyer for her graphic design work to create a finished product better than we could have ever imagined. You can check out her photography page online at: http://katiekollmeyerphotography.blogspot.com/ or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/katiekollmeyerphotography/

While Sarah and I worked with Katie to create this prayer card I often asked myself, what is the purpose of a prayer card? Of course, the first word that naturally comes to mind is “prayer.” I hope our prayer cards will remind people to pray for us and the ministry God has called us to. I hope you will look at the sweet faces of our children and remember to pray that they will thrive in the Philippines. I hope you will see the faces of a couple that need your prayer as they experience the greatest changes their lives have ever known, and that during the change they will remember to love and serve one another.

But in thinking about this prayer card, I came to realize that my hopes for it go well beyond prayer. This is not to minimalism the importance of prayer, but I think we all recognize that prayer is often not an end to itself. Prayer is also a powerful motivator to action. We pray about things important to us (and things important to God). As we pray, our burdens often grow deeper and in turn our desire to effect change in that particular matter grows deeper as well. So, as you use this prayer card I hope it will ultimately turn into an “Action Card.” I hope it will be a reminder for you to touch base with us, support us, or encourage us. We are very thankful for the many family and friends who have reached out to us already as we begin our journey, and we look forward to the encouragement we will receive in the coming months and years as we  continue along the path God has laid out for us. And I have a hunch that this “Prayer & Action Card” will have a big part to play in God’s encouragement to us along the way.



The month of August marks the “launch” of countless new endeavors for the Valiantes. We are officially beginning the process of raising support to enable us to help with the launch of Haven of Grace Seminary on the island of Negros in the Philippines.

With the start of deputation, we are also “launching” our new website. I hope this website will be a helpful resource to keep you up to date on what is happening in our lives. We are excited to see all that the Lord has in store for us, and trust that He will continue to guide us in the future, even as He has faithfully guided us in the past.

Please take a moment to browse through our site. In the coming weeks we hope to add more pages with additional information about our ministry in the Philippines.



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