Ask Me the Reason

If you were to ask me the reason our family is following God’s leading to the Philippines, you will find the answer in the pictures within this post. Over the days we have been here, God continues to confirm His direction for our lives by firmly impressing His call upon us to come and help equip and train national pastors here in the Philippines. Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to a great group of pastors.


This is one of many pastors’ fellowships that regularly meets throughout the city of Bacolod. These men are faithful servants of the Lord who are being used in different places of His vineyard. My hope is to come alongside of these men and have a part in better equipping them for the work God has called them to do by offering accessible seminary-level training. I also long to help train young men who are rising up within their congregations who will soon assume the important and weighty role of shepherding God’s flock. In fact, the weighty responsibility of pastoring a church was the focus of  yesterday’s message from Revelation 2.


The picture below reminds us that each of these men have wonderful families and represent great churches. This is a picture of our family with Pastor Kiram and his family. Pastor Kiram and his dear wife have welcomed us so graciously, and it is our prayer that we might also minister to them and be a blessing in return. On Sunday, I had the joy of preaching at Pastor Kiram’s church, Sword Baptist, and meeting his family, along with the congregation he serves.

Pastor Kiram Family

We are rejoicing in the opportunities God has afforded us in this trip to encourage those who are faithfully serving Him!

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