A Day of Ministry Ends

As our day of ministry comes to a close here in the Philippines, many friends in the United States are just beginning theirs. Today was another blessed day filled with fellowship, preaching, teaching, and fun. I was grateful for the opportunity to speak at Maranatha Baptist Church once again.

After preaching in the morning service we were off to enjoy a delicious meal and some wonderful fellowship with Pastor Jun and his family along with Pastor Harry and his family. The pictures below say it all! Jonas and Micah loved both the chicken and the fish.

Following our lunch, I had the opportunity to speak to the young people and young professionals' group from Maranatha Baptist and Sunrise Baptist Church. We focused on forgiveness from Matthew 18. It was an engaging study on this topic from the Word of God.

We ended out the day being encouraged by a message from Pastor Harry in the Sunday evening service, which was then followed by more fellowship over pizza. What a wonderful day to serve the Lord and be blessed by God's people. For those just beginning their day on the other side of the world I pray you will find the same joy with your church families as well!

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