Children and Sugar Fields

Filipino days tend to start early. The sun rises a little after 5am and activities for the day seem to begin much earlier than they do in the States. I have enjoyed telling our Filipino friends about how long our days are in America during the summer and how short they become in the winter. Days here in the Philippines do not fluctuate in length anywhere near what we experience in the U.S.

This morning was another early one for us. We had to be on the road before 7am to make it in time to speak in chapel at Sunshine Christian School. This was another great time with some great young people.

I was glad to have Micah and Kiersten along with me on this trip and they enjoyed interacting with the children.

After I spoke, we enjoyed some fellowship with Pastor Callejas and his wife.

Once we left Sunshine Christian Academy we left for another speaking engagement–this time at an Outreach Bible Study held on a sugar plantation. This was a great opportunity once more to preach Christ and the Gospel.

We have been very thankful for the many opportunities to minister here in the Philippines!

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