The Grand Tour

Before leaving Haven of Grace, I wanted to give you a grand tour of the house and property we have been staying at. This will be our home when we return.

Here we have the boys and girls rooms. They are very spacious!

Just outside of our front door there is a large lanai that we have converted into an indoor soccer field. Micah has spent countless hours out there playing soccer with the other boys.

The favorite item on the lanai for Lydia and Jonas has to be this play house. They have enjoyed playing in the house with their friends.

In the Philippines the most popular sport (by far) is basketball. We get to enjoy having a covered, full-sized basketball court in our backyard.

The property, of course, is used for camps and, Lord willing, a full-time seminary. The two buildings in this picture can house dozens of resident seminary students, in addition to the hundreds of campers who pass through each summer.

Here are a couple of other buildings on the property, including the cantina and a number of pavilions.

The sunsets here are breathtaking. This picture was taken from our window in the living room. I don't think I will ever get tired of that view, and this picture really doesn't even do it justice.

We are grateful for such a beautiful place to call home. Most of all we are thankful for all of the new friend we have met during our stay here.

We are praying the Lord will bring us back soon!

3 Replies to “The Grand Tour”

  1. sorry to hear you are leaveing so soon, God had a plan for you, and you did just that , Praise the Lord, and when will you all return?


  2. What a wonderful time for your family. I’ve printed this off to share with everyone at our church. Love you bunches! Mom and Dad Muth


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