Reaching our Goals

Having just returned from our trip to the Philippines this past week, yesterday (Sunday) was our first opportunity to present our ministry in a church (other than our sending church). As Sarah and I have talked about our “goals” for this period of raising support we have a number in mind:

1. We long to truly encourage pastors, pastors’ wives, and their families.

2. We desire to be a help and blessing to churches as we preach, teach, and share the Gospel.

3. We want our children to enjoy getting to meet new people, experience new adventures, and grow in ministering to others.

4. We hope to share our excitement about the work in the Philippines, and get others excited about it as well. We also look forward to having a growing prayer base of those who subscribe to our blog and keep up to date on the ministry God has called us to.

5. We will seek to rest in God’s provisions as we raise the financial support needed to send us to the Philippines.

Looking back on the day in light of our goals, it was a smashing success.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to present our ministry at Bethel Bible Church (Berwick, PA). IMG_0563

Over the years I have been very thankful for Pastor Buddy Thomas’ friendship, as Sarah has been for Rebecca’s. This is a couple who is faithfully serving the Lord. It was a blessing to preach at Bethel yesterday in both Sunday school and the morning worship service. We were excited to learn that a young woman trusted Christ after the morning service!


Following a wonderful morning together, we joined the Thomas’ for a delicious lunch. Our children spent the entire afternoon playing with the Thomas children. You can see from the pictures that they had a blast!



We are so thankful to a great start!

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