Impacting Devotional Thought from Sarah

This is an impacting devotional thought Sarah wrote:

If God can do the impossible, why is it that sometimes it seems that He doesn't?

Mark 9:14-29 tells of a man whose son was demon-possessed and often thrown into the fire or water by the demon within. This father had asked the disciples to help, but they could not. Jesus came and asked if the father believed He could heal his son. The father admitted that yes, he believed, but confessed that he needed Jesus to help with his unbelief. Jesus then heals the boy and the disciples later ask why they could not do this miracle. Jesus explains that this kind can not be healed except by prayer and fasting.

I am rebuked by my own struggle to make things happen while not relying fully on God. He calls for selflessness and dependence upon Him. Often I just want God to make it easy and change my circumstances, but instead He calls me to give up my own ambitions or way of doing things for simple obedience to Him. Then He calls me to seek His face all the more, asking for His will to be done, not my own. When I am yielded I see amazing things happen because I am seeking His help and His will, but when I am self-consumed, nothing goes the way I plan.

"Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!"

One Reply to “Impacting Devotional Thought from Sarah”

  1. Thank you Sarah, I also wonder and I am also brought to the realization of Lord, I believe ,help my unbelief, in times of my trials ,I appreciate your thoughts ,especially at this present time. in my life. I love you .


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