On Display

A missionary’s “display” is an important component of their presentation. Our display is no different. We have a table-top banner showing who we are, the field we are going to, and the place we will serve. It also includes information about the church we are sent out from (Lighthouse Baptist Church, Newark, DE), and the missions agency we serve under (Pacific Rim Missions International).

On our display you will find our prayer cards, the Philippine flag, Filipino Pesos (their currency), and a couple of Gospel pamphlets in Illongo (their dialect). We also have a couple of items we were able to pick up during our trip to the Philippines this past month. These include a couple of mats, as well as a miniature tricycle and Jeepney.

Each of these items opens up the door to numerous conversations about the Philippines, which gives us the opportunity to share our excitement about God’s call upon our lives. We hope you will be able to stop by our display at one of the churches we will be visiting over the coming months!IMG_0557



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