Joy in Serving Jesus


I desperately long for my children to see, experience, and know that there is great joy in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Over the course of the past few days our family has had the privilege of taking part in Freedom Baptist Church‘s Missions Conference. During this conference our children have seen a pastor and a church overflowing with the joy of serving their Savior. Pastor Barry Secrest has a love for the Lord and people that is infectious. I am not sure I have ever witnessed someone with such an overflowing,  outward expression of love toward people. Our entire family has been blessed.


Last night, Pastor Barry gave each of the kids a gift bag the church had prepared for them. The kids got up in front of the church and Pastor Barry enjoyed showing the them (along with the congregation) all of the cool stuff they got.


I love Lydia’s face in this photo. They have had such a fun time this week.img_0833

Thank you Pastor Barry and Freedom Baptist Church for showing our family that there truly is joy in serving Jesus!img_0819

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