Big, BIG News!

The Valiante Family has some big news to share. The kids are so excited they are ready to burst. Check out the video below to find out all about it!

Just a few weeks ago, Sarah and I were surprised to learn that we were expecting another baby! There were a lot of different emotions swirling around our hearts and minds when we learned the news, but above all we are grateful to God for His goodness and mercy in gifting this little one to us. We just had an ultrasound this past Monday, and the baby is doing well and is very active. We even saw his hand up drift up to his mouth, so we may have another thumb-sucker on our hands. Below is a picture of our little one!


I am sure we will write more about this event in the coming weeks, but our intentions of going to the Philippines remains unchanged with this joyful news. The baby is due on May 16, so our initial plans to head out West in April / May will be pushed back to August / September. Other than that, our goal still remains to make it to the Philippines by May 2019–but now we will arrive with a family of 7 instead of 6.

Exciting times here at the Valiantes! We will be sure to post more in the coming days and weeks!


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