Over the Road


Long distance travel just got a bit easier for the Valiante Family. Over the past month or two, we have been looking for a good deal on an RV which would help make our longer trips more comfortable. Although most of our meetings up to this point have been within just a couple hours, we wanted an RV for our upcoming cross country trip out West in the late summer / fall of 2018. We also plan to utilize this vehicle for any meetings outside of our immediate area over the coming months. Here is a picture of our new addition…img_1460The story of this purchase begins back in the late summer. When we put our house on the market, our plan was to use some of the proceeds from the sale of our house to buy a motorhome. But, when it became clear that we would be renting our home out instead of selling it, I said, “We’re definitely not going to buy a motorhome.” It certainly would have made longer trips more bearable, but it was not a necessity. However, when we found out that Sarah was expecting I quickly changed my mind and said, “We’re going to buy a motorhome!” The thought of traveling cross country  in a cramped minivan with an infant was too much to bear. Hopefully this purchase will make things much easier on Sarah during those months with a new baby.

img_1458After doing some research and looking at available motorhomes online, we saw this one come up on Facebook Marketplace. It had very low mileage (19,300) and was in very good condition for its age. Sarah and I swung by to look at it on Sunday (and really enjoyed getting to know the owner), and we committed to purchase it sometime this week. We picked up our RV today (and took care of transferring the title and registering it). The kids immediately fell in love with it. They enjoyed checking out all of the fun places to sit and hide. Jonas was extremely disappointed that he would not get to sleep in the bunk tonight. Actually, one of the reasons we settled on this type of RV (it called a Class C Motorhome) is because of the extra sleeping spaces. The bunk above the driver’s area could easily sleep all four of our children. The sofa turns into a bed, as does the dining area. And of course, there is a full-size bed in the rear of the coach. Working off of those calculations, we could sleep about 10 if we needed to! (And no, we do not have plans to add 3 more to our family… but the Lord has a way of surprising us at times).img_1451img_1453img_1465img_1446We are truly thankful to see the Lord giving us everything we need (and even some things we don’t necessarily need but want). I believe this RV will give be a great benefit to our family during this period of raising support. I would appreciate your prayers for our family as we travel, that the Lord would provide us safety, memorable experiences, and opportunities to minister to others.

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