Friendships and Fellowship


Our travels this past weekend took us to Kendall Park Baptist Church in Franklin Twp. NJ.img_1511This congregation welcomed us with open arms and we enjoyed sweet times of fellowship with their pastor and church family. Pastor Brown actually served as the senior pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church from 1998-2008 (this is the same church I pastored from 2010-2017). On account of this connection we share a unique bond. The fellowship with this dear brother and his wife was very sweet. When you meet the Browns, you will quickly learn that they love to spend time with people. We were over their house on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, and on both occasions they had invited others from the church to join in the festivities.

Another connection we have with this church comes through Tri-State Bible Camp. Every Spring, Emmanuel would take a group to Tri-State’s Work Retreat. This is a time to help with various projects on the campsite getting things ready for the camping season. Over the past few years, our time there coincided with Kendall Park Baptist Church’s. This has afforded us some tremendous opportunities for fellowship.

In addition, Micah and Kiersten went to camp at Tri-State this past summer, and they met many of the children from Kendall Park there as well. Kiersten was especially blessed over the weekend getting to spend time with lots of girls right around her own age. This has always been a struggle for Kiersten (finding friends around her age), so we were so glad to see how much fun she had with the young ladies at Kendall Park.

img_1507Our time at Kendall Park was a refreshing experience for our entire family. We are thankful for the work God is doing there and the blessing they were to us!

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