You could sum up this past weekend with the word, “Friends.” Since we were back in the North / Central PA area, we took the opportunity to celebrate Lydia’s upcoming birthday with some of her best friends in the whole world! We met up at McDonald’s and the kids enjoyed a couple of hours of fun in the PlayPlace!img_2128On Sunday morning, we had the chance to reconnect with our friends, the Perry’s, at Victory Baptist Church (Bloomsburg, PA).img_2129Victory Baptist was only about 15 minutes away from Emmanuel (the church I pastored), and I have appreciated Pastor Perry’s friendship over the years. The Lord is continuing to do a good work at Victory!img_2134On Sunday night, we connected with more friends at Independent Bible Church (Duryea, PA). I have appreciated Pastor Al Cremard’s friendship over the years through the monthly pastors’ fellowships hosted at his church. Then, over the last couple of years, Sarah started a pastors’ wives fellowship hosted by Emmanuel, and she enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Cremard, along with many other pastors’ wives in the area.img_2135We are also thankful for our friendship with Evangelist Shane and Katie Kollmeyer. They, along with the Hansons are great young couples faithfully serving the Lord.img_1309We are grateful for friends (both old and new) that we get to spend time with during our travels. If the fellowship is this sweet here on earth, just imagine what it will be like when we gather together to worship God in heaven! What a day that will be!

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