Return to Pittsburgh

Over ten years ago, as a youth pastor at Lighthouse, I took a group of teens to Middletown Road Baptist Church (Pittsburgh, PA) for a Missions Trip. This was one of the most memorable experiences for Sarah and me, along with our teens.

Pittsburgh 1During the trip we had the joy of getting to know Pastor Kistler…

Pittsburg 3And we also had the chance to spend time with good friends, Dennis and Valerie Rew (not to mention the opportunity to check out the city of Pittsburgh)…Pittsburg 2This past Sunday, our family came back to Middletown Road Baptist to present the work God has called us to in the Philippines. Although it had been 10 years since we were last there, it was so good to be back and reconnect with them. The moment I went through the tunnels, crossed the bridges, and hammered on the brakes down some pretty steep inclines, I knew we were back!

We had a blast staying with the Rews, and our children loved the time spent with their children. We took some time on a chilly Saturday night to check out the city from a breathtaking overlook.img_2182img_2198While traveling, we have had the opportunity to see and experience so much while ministering to dear folks along the way. We are thankful for God’s many blessings!

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