Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love


Yesterday was a “big day.” It was the day our children first got to meet their new baby sister, Noemi… and what a joyful meeting it was. The picture below pretty well sums it up.img_2846While visiting mommy and Noemi, each of the big brothers and sisters took their turns holding the baby. This was a special and proud moment for them.img_2816img_2820img_2824img_2835Everyone has been eagerly anticipating this little one’s arrival, and Noemi has been officially welcomed into our family with open arms. Now, I am naive enough to think our children will never bicker or fight, but these momentary frustrations do not negate deep and abiding love they have for one another. We are grateful to God for allowing this love to exist and flourish.

Interestingly, when God speaks of the love Christians should have for one another, he uses the love of siblings as the pattern. Hebrews 13:1 offers a simple encouragement: “Let brotherly love continue.” As you may be aware, the words, “Brotherly love” come from a single Greek word, “Philadelphia.” This term joins the Greek word for “love” and “brother.” The love that believers are meant to express to one another is patterned after the love that a family (specifically siblings) have for one another.

I know the deep sense of connection, and love siblings have. I am very thankful for both my brother and sister. Siblings are supposed to stick together, support one another, and encourage each other. We are called to live out the same commitment to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

My brother, John, and his wife Ruth were able to stop by last night as well and visit the baby.

img_2863img_2860And, of course, Grandmom was able to be there to see and hold her newest Grandchild. We have been richly blessed!img_2840

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