Future Plans


We have been thankful for many blessings and some great meetings over the past 11 months. I wanted to briefly outline our future plans for the rest of this year leading into 2019 all the way up to our departure for the Philippines.

Mid-August 2018 Through Mid-January 2019

We will begin our trek out West with a meeting in Western PA on Sunday, August 19. From there we will spend time with family in Michigan followed by two Sundays presenting our ministry in Wisconsin. From Wisconsin we will visit with family around Kansas City, Missouri before heading to Sarah’s family in Rocky Ford, Colorado. In the middle of September we will venture even further West with meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah, Elko, Nevada, and Bend Oregon. While in Oregon we look forward to spending time with my sister and her husband who live in Portland.

Once we make it back to Sarah’s home town (Rocky Ford, CO) in mid-October, we will have meetings in the surrounding area throughout the rest of the year.

Sometime in early- to mid-January we will begin our journey back East.

Mid-January 2019 Through February 2019

We hope to have most of our support in place by the end of the year (we are presently bumping up against 70%). During the frigid months of January and February, I intend to take some time off traveling in order to prepare materials for the courses I will be teaching when we launch the seminary. In the first semester I get to teach Hermeneutics (Interpretation of Scripture) and Greek Grammar 1. During this time I will also continue coordinating the teaching schedule with adjunct faculty as we fill out the seminary program. Things on that front are already falling into place, and we are close to having the first semester already filled.

March 2019 Through May 2019

In the final months before our departure, we will try to visit a few new churches, and potentially a couple of our supporting churches. During these months I will continue working on course materials, as well as making sure we have the proper paperwork in place for our Visas.

May 2019 Through June 2019

In May 2019 we leave for the Philippines with plans to launch Haven of Grace Seminary in June 2019.

As I have noted before, we are planning on returning to the States every April and May (while the seminary is in summer recess) to visit our supporting churches and raise any additional support needed.

Thank you once more for your support and encouragement. We are looking forward to being in the Philippines this time next year training Filipino nationals for Gospel ministry!


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