Big, Exciting News – REVEALED

On Friday, we told you that we had some “Big, Exciting News” to share… but at that time we were not quite at the place where we could share it. Well, today, we are thrilled to reveal the news.

Last Friday, I received word that Regular Baptist Press would like to publish my book, God Gives More Grace. Today, I received the contract for the book, which I will sign on Friday, August 24 when we visit RBP’s headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

I will take some time to tell more about the book, and how God brought all of this together in later blog posts. But for the meantime, we are just excited to partner with Regular Baptist Press to see this work published!

Mark - Exclamation String

9 Replies to “Big, Exciting News – REVEALED”

  1. Hi Valuables, I would like to purchase your book when possible. Thank you for you message of this. God bless you and your family today and through your journey!☺️


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