Mentors and Friends in Ministry

For those in ministry, we all need mentors, and we all need friends. It is really special though, when the same person can serve as both your mentor and friend.

This past week our family had the chance to spend time with a man I have greatly respected over the years. Curt Lamansky was a professor at Northland when I first met him back in 1998 during my freshman year. I vividly remember times sitting in his classes and soaking up teaching on theology. In many ways, I have sought to pattern my own teaching after his. I look to him as a mentor in ministry.

But, over the years, I have also appreciated Curt’s friendship. On occasion (when we would visit Northland), I would bump into him and it was always a blessing to reconnect. However, since we have begun working on the program for Haven of Grace Seminary, we have had a ton of opportunities to communicate. Curt has been a huge help in formulating the program layout and helping us think through important questions ahead of the launch of the seminary. I have truly appreciate his friendship.

This past week, it was wonderful to get to visit the church Curt pastors (Immanuel Bible Church – Sheboygan, WI). The folks there we so kind to our whole family. We got to experience so much while we were there from visiting Bookworm Gardens, to Lake Michigan, to enjoying fresh (delicious) Wisconsin cheese!img_3902

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