Last Thursday we made it safely to Colorado. Before reaching Colorado, however, (right after we left Wisconsin), we spent a few days in Overland Park, Kansas with some of my extended family. Since I come from a large, close-knit Italian family, I know many of my mom’s cousins along with their families. Our time with “the Kansas Family” was so refreshing and fun! Here are a couple of the highlights of our time there:

1. Our children got to meet their 3rd cousins! In a world where many people have trouble keeping track of their 1st cousins, it was great for our kids to connect with 3rd cousins. (In case you are confused, 3rd cousins would be children whose grandparents are 1st cousins). I also got to see 2nd cousins, along with 1st cousins once removed. It was a blast!IMG_41522. It was a special time with family that shares the same valuable faith we do in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am very thankful for the testimony of so many of my cousins who both know Christ as their Savior and long to live for Him. Our time of fellowship was very sweet and it was neat to hear of how God has worked in their lives over the years.IMG_4138IMG_4139IMG_41313. We felt loved, welcomed, and right at home from the very start. When I was a teenager, our family made the trek out to Kansas (the family lived in Horton, Kansas at the time), and it became the most memorable vacation of my childhood. Now, 20+ years later, I am so thankful that my children had the opportunity to make many of the same memories.IMG_4155Cousin Marian and Eddy were so kind to welcome us into their home. They were such wonderful hosts!IMG_4149IMG_4167(Cousin Tony taught me how to juggle when I visited Kansas as a young teen. He now has a new pupil in Micah! He also had a chance to see Micah complete the Rubix Cube, and spurred his interest in working on a 4×4 cube now.) IMG_4163IMG_4135In the midst of travelling many miles, I am thankful for the stops along the way that refresh and encourage our hearts!

One Reply to “Cousins!”

  1. Glad to hear of your extended family who are believers. Also glad someone besides me understands 2nd and 3rd cousins, and even cousins 1 or 2 generations removed. I tried explaining that to a church congregation; and, when I was finished, they were as clueless as they were before I started!! 🙂


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