First Semester Laid Out!

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on the schedule for Haven of Grace Seminary. We are excited to now have our first semester courses in place, and the  first full year laid out. Check out the courses we will be offering for the first semester (beginning late June 2019):

Apologetics – Dr. Yoh Shirato
Daniel & Revelation – Dr. Curt Lamansky
Creation to Consummation (Biblical Theology) – Professor Mark Kittrell
Hermeneutics (Interpretation of Scripture) – Dr. Tim Valiante
Greek Grammar 1 – Dr. Tim Valiante

The courses will be offered in a hybrid format, with some being taught weekly over the course of the semester (i.e. Hermeneutics & Greek Grammar 1) while the rest will be taught in a block course format which will include two weeks of concentrated instruction by a visiting professor followed by a week dedicated to testing, reading, writing, and research.

I cannot begin to express how exiting it is to begin the process of laying the groundwork for our first semester. I am thrilled about the men who will be coming in to teach these 2-week block courses. Each man is gifted in the area of teaching, and has a passion for the Gospel.

Haven of Grace Seminary exists to glorify God by equipping servant-leaders within the Body of Christ, fostering in them a love for God and His Word, faithfulness in handling the Word of God, a passion for preaching the Gospel, and a commitment to discipleship.

Registration for the first semester will begin this fall. Stay tuned for further information and the launch of the Haven of Grace Seminary website!


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