Known Already

We arrived safely in Southeastern Colorado last week. After a couple of months of intense travel, we are grateful for a time to catch our breath and rehearse some of the encouraging points along the way. While in Oregon at the very end of September, we had the privilege to be at Central Baptist (Bend, OR). There was something unique about this church. In most places we visit (presenting the work God has called us to), it is the first time they will hear of Haven of Grace Seminary, and what our goals and desire are. But at Central Baptist, they had been praying for Haven of Grace Seminary long before we even knew about the ministry. In fact, they have been praying for us, even before they knew our names! This church has long supported the ministry of Pacific Rim Missions, and they have been a great encouragement to us as well! It was a joy to get to know Pastor Laramie and his wife, Sarah, along with their children while we were there.IMG_4408We also really enjoyed our time with the Borlens (Matt, Jenn, and Emma). Their family has already been such an encouragement to us, and it was really amazing to hear their testimony of how they came to faith in Christ, and (even better) to see them live it our in their family and community!IMG_4413It means so much to connect with dear folks who become instant friends who share the same vision and passion for the spread of the Gospel.

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