Things are Flying!

There has been a flurry of activity the past couple of weeks on a lot of different fronts. Things are really starting to fly!

For about a month I have been working on the material for the course on Hermeneutics (Interpretation of Scripture) that I will be teaching at the seminary. I have loved the time of study and preparation. I have written about 50 pages of the syllabus. By the end, I hope the syllabus will be between 115-130 pages. So, even though I am not quite half way through, things are progressing nicely. Once I finish I plan to make sure I am prepped for my course on Greek Grammar 1 & 2, and then will start work on Systematic Theology 1 (although this likely will not be until the beginning of 2019).

In addition to the course material for the seminary we are also working to set up the Haven of Grace Seminary website. We have made tremendous progress within just the past two weeks, and are excited about the launch. Our hope is to have the website up and running by the end of this month! We are thankful for the guys who are helping us get it ready.

Finally, my excitement about the upcoming release of my book, God Gives More Grace, continues to grow. In talking with David Gunn, the director of Regular Baptist Press, we decided to have a page (or two) of endorsements at the beginning of the book. In the last week or so I have been in contact with 11 men I really respect asking if they might review my book (and if they feel comfortable), offer their endorsements. I have already heard a positive response from 9 of them and am just waiting on 2 more to get back with me.

These are indeed exciting times! Also, here is a peek at our updated prayer card. We finally have our little sweetie on it.

FRONT 2018-11-06


3 Replies to “Things are Flying!”

  1. I praise the Lord for what He is allowing you to accomplish,
    I would like an updated prayercard. My address
    Joan Hayman
    815 Upper Raven Creek Road
    Benton, PA 17814.
    Thank you so much. I do remember you and your precious family in prayer and keep up via email letters.


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