Donations, Giving, and Support

Over the past couple of weeks, some have asked how they can give in support of our ministry. The easiest way to give is by going to our website and clicking on the “Donate” tab (Click Here To Be Directed to the Pacific Rim Missions Giving Portal). To set up monthly donations you will need to create an account. Otherwise, for one-time donations you can either click on the “Quick Give” tab or set up an account. When making your selection of the fund you wish to give to, be sure to choose: “Missionary Support Fund-Valiantes”

For other giving options, please visit our “Support” page (Click Here) on our website.

Over this past year, it has been amazing to see God providing for our family’s needs. God really takes good care of His children. When we set out on this journey last September, I knew God would meet our needs, but now I can look back and see how He actually did it! And in so many ways (not just financially, but also in physical, spiritual, practical, and emotional ways), God has provided far above anything we could have ever asked for or thought of!

During this Christmas Season, I want to express our gratitude for all those of you who have invested in our lives over the course of this past year. Many of you reading this are the very ones God used to encourage us or meet a specific need. You may never know (this side of eternity) the impact you made, but please know we are humbled and thankful for your sacrifice and ministry to our family!

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think… unto Him be glory…” – Ephesians 3:20-21

FRONT 2018-11-06

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