Commissioned for Service

Sunday was a very special and memorable day for our family. Our sending church (Lighthouse Baptist) hosted a Commissioning Service for us. The service included testimonies from family, friends, former teens from our youth ministry (who are now adults and have families of their own), music, preaching, and of course, prayer. I was thankful for the challenge from the Scriptures from Pastor Tobe Witmer (Acts 13), and Mark Kittrell (Philippians 1). Below are some pictures from the day (credit for the photos goes to Mark Kittrell).

Valiante Commissioning Service - 2019-04-28

Lighthouse Building PicTeen Pic - WillieTeen Pic - KellyFamily Pic - JohnFamily Pic - ValiantesGroup Pic 2Group Pic 3Group Pic 4Group Pic

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