This past Sunday our family had been invited as the special guests to celebrate the 38th anniversary services for Berean Bible Baptist Church (Binalbagan, Negros Occidental). We were overwhelmed by the hospitality of Pastor Nemeno, his wife Jethrie, and the church family at Berean. It truly was a joyful celebration. (Make sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the video posted as well).

It was a privilege to get to know Pastor Nemeno, along with his wife Jethrie, and two children
I was honored to have the privilege to preach in the morning and evening anniversary services.
On Monday we joined the church family in an outing. Emi made new friends.
The girls loved playing with the other young ladies at Berean.
The young people sang a moving special, and did a wonderful job.
There was a baptismal service following the Sunday morning service.
We were fed very, very well the entire weekend.
The auditorium was transformed in the evening for the anniversary celebration.
There were many young people who are a part of BBBC.


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