Being an Answer to Prayer

This past Sunday we had the joy of visiting Tabunan Baptist Church and Pastor Tumulak. I had spoken with Pastor Tumulak earlier in the week, and we talked about the possibility of us coming to visit their church. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be there for this particular Sunday, so a friend helped me get in touch with him on Saturday night to confirm whether we were supposed to come or not. In our conversation Pastor Tumulak warmly invited me to come and speak in the morning service at Tabunan Baptist.


What made this Sunday special was that Pastor Tumulak was also celebrating his 46th Birthday. In fact, he had been praying that God would provide a special guest speaker for the day so he could sit and listen to a message on his birthday. He said during the service that my call (and our coming) was an answer to his prayer! It is really neat for God to use our lives to answer the prayers of a fellow brother (or sister) in Christ.

IMG_20190609_112442-2.jpgIMG_20190609_112422.jpgFollowing the morning service there was a special birthday celebration with a wonderful meal–and of course cake! During this time of fellowship, many within the congregation gave testimonies about how Pastor Tumulak had impacted them through his ministry.


It was a wonderful day. We enjoyed the fellowship, the singing, but above all, it was a blessing to be used by God!



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  1. Praise the Lord for His continuing work in our lives.  I am still delighting in the song your family sang at Beryl’s Bible Study.  Love your family! Joyce Mark.

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