Ministry Impact!

We were grateful to take part in the 3rd Anniversary Celebration for Calvary Baptist Church this past Sunday. Pastor Roberto (the pastor of this work) is also one of our students here at Haven of Grace. He is taking our course on Hermeneutics on Fridays. It was truly a privilege to be with him and his church family for the Anniversary Service. But what was even more encouraging for me was to see the ministry of one of our students, and witness firsthand the impact he is having for the sake of the Gospel. Pastor Roberto, as most Filipino pastors, is very busy in the work of the ministry. He is a faithful man, humbly serving a great God! We are glad to partner with men like him to help equip him to be even more effective in the work God has called him to. May God continue to bring men to us that we can equip and train for the sake of the Gospel!






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