Bunches of Love

A couple Sundays back I was privileged to be the guest speaker at San Juan Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Frankie shepherds this congregation and is one of our students at Haven of Grace Seminary.

IMG_20191027_090452.jpgI was asked to speak on the text of 1 Corinthians 13. This was a wonderful study seeing the underlying motivation of love (as explained in Chapter 13) that should propel us to serve God and the body of believers we are part of (as explained in Chapter 12).IMG_20191027_093908.jpgIMG_20191027_090449.jpgWe enjoyed warm fellowship, a delicious meal, and we even received a parting gift of a bunch of bananas. As you can see from the picture below, there were A LOT of bananas. Over the past two weeks we have made loaves (and muffins for that matter) of banana bread (both the regular and Gluten Free varieties), banana pancakes, cooked bananas (with brown sugar) and fried banana chips (the last two foods our neighbor kids showed us how to make).IMG_20191027_123804.jpg

IMG_20191027_124012.jpgIMG_20191027_122150.jpgIMG_20191027_115011.jpgWe are grateful to be here to minister, not just in the seminary, but in local congregations as well!

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