The Reason We’re Here

Sunday was a great reminder of the reason we are here in the Philippines. I was invited to speak at the 11th Anniversary Service of Community Bible Church (Haguimit). What made this service extra special was that it would also serve as the installation service for one of our Haven of Grace Seminary Students, Pastor Danilo Faburada.

Danilo has been like family, as he lives on campus during the week and ministers on the weekends at Community Bible Church. We have had the joy of spending a lot of time with him. We eat meals together… Discuss theology together… Serve the Lord together.

I cannot describe how special the service was. It was a meaningful time of thanksgiving to God for what He has done in the past (as Pastor Cloyd–one of our new students at the seminary–tenderly spoke of the founding of this church), and prayerfulness to God for His guidance and blessing in the future.

This was a memorable service seeing Pastor Cloyd (the church’s founding pastor) hand the reigns to a like-minded young man who will now help guide the ministry. It is my privilege to have a part in further equipping these men, and many more like them for the great work that God has called them to. Thank you to all who continue to partner with us to allow us the opportunity to do so!








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