To All Nations

Three different nations were represented around our dining room table this afternoon (I guess you could say four if you consider the fact that we were serving Italian food!). Of course, eating with Filipinos is nothing unusual for us since we live in the Philippines. However, it was our joy to share fellowship (and a meal) with a brother from Pakistan who is taking our course on General Epistles (offered by Haven of Grace Seminary) this week and next.

From the very start, our desire at Haven of Grace has been to not only make an impact in the Philippines, but all across Southeast Asia, and really throughout the world. To have a pastor from Pakistan with us, a man who, at some point, would love to start a Bible College in his own country, fulfills a great desire of our ministry. If we can equip and train men to go out and continue the work of equipping and training other men for the Gospel ministry, we will have considered our work here a success. May the songs of praise rise up to God from all peoples, tongues, and nations!


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