A Fitting End… For Now


Last Sunday was our final meeting for the next five weeks, and we could not have ended on a better note! We had the joy of getting to know Pastor Dave and Dawn Field, their family, and the congregation at Truth Bible Church (Alloway, NJ).

img_2670img_2651Of course, the reason we are taking a break for the next month is to prepare for the arrival of the newest member of our family. Traveling the past couple weeks has been a bit more uncomfortable for Sarah. Thankfully, our trip to Truth Bible on Sunday was only a 35 minute drive. Interestingly, Pastor Dave’s lesson in Sunday School was on the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. It was impacting to think about Mary traveling to Bethlehem while being great with child (Luke 2:5). Although it appears Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem for some time before Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:6), she was certainly far enough along to make the trip uncomfortable. With regard to our own travels, I have been very thankful for how well Sarah has handled the hours on the road, especially trips over the last couple of months. Traveling in a van is not the easiest thing, but I reminded Sarah that it is still better than having to travel by donkey :).

In addition to Truth Bible Church’s proximity, we also found kindred spirits in the Field family. Pastor Dave and Dawn have four children (like us), with one more on the way (like us). Sarah is due in May, and Dawn is due in June. Not only that, but the ages of their children exactly match our own. The children had a blast spending time together in the services and during the fellowship meal.

Last week was a perfect ending… for now. We are excited for the arrival of our little girl. We will have about a year for our little one to get acclimated to our family, and we look forward to being in the Philippines around this time next year!

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