While scrolling through  pictures from the past couple of weeks, I am reminded that life is a tapestry stitched together with a thousand “happenings.” Many of these “happenings” or events are mundane, yet each one becomes an integral part of who we are. The pictures in this post will give you a glimpse into the everyday happenings of the Valiante Family. We are joyful and thankful for this season in our lives.IMG_2640Micah and Kiersten enjoyed helping out at our home church’s Work Day (Lighthouse Baptist). It is especially fun when Pastor Witmer drives you around the property in the back of Pastor Pritt’s pickup truck.IMG_2715IMG_2711The kids did a great job helping clean out the RV in preparation for our first trip as a family of 7 in the month of June. I was able to de-winterize the RV, and all of the major systems checked out fine (plumbing / electrical / water heater / heater / air conditioner / stove / refrigerator / water pump etc.). We are excited to get it on the road!IMG_2646img_2734img_2739We are also enjoying our “down-time” together as a family. There was a marathon Monopoly game that spanned a couple of nights. Lydia would have destroyed Micah, but kept forgetting to call “Rent.” Micah took advantage and eventually won the game. The kids also enjoy eating Popsicles on the porch. They also like the many stops to restaurants during our travels. Our last visit to Burger King made me realize how much our food costs will increase as Micah enters his teenage years. He ate a Whopper, 3 Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Onion Rings–all washed down with a Dr. Pepper. Although he is only 11, he is able to pack it in!img_2730Micah has not only enjoyed eating our food, he has enjoyed making it as well. The picture above shows deviled eggs he made all by himself. Just the day before he made Banana muffins. We have enjoyed eating his creations… all the while offering our critiques (I think the kids have watched too many cooking shows on the Food Network)!img_2724We have also had our share of sickness over the past couple of months. This past week, I took Kiersten to the emergency room after she experienced severe hip pain. After an X-Ray and MRI, the doctors determined that the fluid in her hip was inflamed with an infection. They believe a virus likely settled in that joint. Everyone in our family had the flu during the month of April, so it is not surprising to have some lingering affects from it. Thankfully, God continues to offer grace, even when we face trying times.img_2741After a year of schooling where we were not sure if Lydia would get a handle on reading, it seems like everything began to click in the last month or so. She is doing very well now, and enjoys having a little brother to read to. She is overjoyed with the thought of having a little sister to join him.

Sarah continues to do well, as we await the arrival of our little girl. These are exciting and joyful times in the Valiante Family. Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf!

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